Friday, March 18, 2016

Head-mounted Google Cardboard Version 3D VR - Virtual Reality Glasses

Head-mounted Google Cardboard Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses DIY 3D VR Video Movie Game Glasses with CSY-02 Mini Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Selfie Camera Shutter Gamepad for iPhone 6Plus 6 Samsung Note 4 / All 4.7 ~ 6.0" Smart Phones.



The product includes a 3D VR GLASSES and a Mini Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad / Game Console Controller (also can be used a Selfie Camera Shutter), which is specially designed for smart phones and can add great effect to the movie-going experience. And, the included Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad will bring you much convenience and fun during playing games. The item can be regarded as your private 3D Cinema and bring you great game experience, and it is easy to use even by the children or the old, you just need to put your smart phone into the relative slot of the 3D VR GLASSES and pair the Bluetooth Gamepad with your smart phone. And then, you can greatly enjoy the 3D movies or 3D games. It is perfectly suitable for students, white-collar worker or travelers, etc.

The 3D GLASSES Features:

  • It is a great supplement and extending device of the network set-top box and bring you wonderful experience of watching movies and playing games.
  • Materials: Uses ABS andĪ¦42mm spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental.
  • Offers you super 3D picture effect and wonderful feeling.
  • Simulating Viewing Distance: Offer you a 1000 inches big screen at the distance of 3m.
  • Easy to put your smart phone into the 3D glasses (Easily pull the smart phone storage box out, the put your smart phone in it).
  • Perfectly suitable your face when you wear the 3D VR GLASSES.
  • Flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people.
  • You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time because of the resin lens.
  • Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance, satisfying different groups of people. (Optical Axis Sliding Control function: You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies.)
  • Greatly enjoy a private visual feast comfortably and convenient to use, allowing you watch at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing as you like, no need any software; it is a great companion for traveling or staying house.
  • Suitable for almost all kinds of smart phones (Android / IOS, etc) that screen between 4.7~6.0 inches.
  • Both sides holes of the 3D VR GLASSES is specially designed for the headset / data / charge cable, letting you charge your smart phone (You had better not charge your phone during enjoying movies).
  • With compact portable design, easy to carry.

The Bluetooth Gamepad Features:

Can be use as a portable PC remote controlsgame controllers, wireless mouse and a remote controller for mobile phonetablet, TV box, etc.(The Bluetooth-enabled devices must be Bluetooth 3.0 or above). Compatible with Android, PC and IOS.  Includes three modes:
  • Mode 1: Android mouse/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 1 button to power on.
  • Mode 2: Android music/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 2 button to power on.
  • Mode 3: IOS shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 3 button to power on.
Operating range up to 10m. It is mini and cute, convenient to take along. Note: First, you should disconnect the WiFi of your smart phone Because of the interference of WiFi signal, and then pair the Bluetooth Gamepad with your smart phone. When unforeseen circumstances cause can not be shut down, please press the reset button with fine needle.

The 3D Glasses specifications:

  • Color: White with Black
  • Material: ABS + Resin lens + Nylon + PU + Cotton
  • Visual Angle: 92 ~ 98 Degrees
  • Suitable: 4.0~6.0" Smartphone
  • Item size: 19.5 * 13.5 * 10.0 cm / 7.67 * 5.31 * 3.94in
  • Item weight: 401g / 14.47oz
  • Package size: 20.0 * 14.5 * 14.5cm / 7.87 * 57 * 5.7in
  • Package weight: 606g / 21.37oz

The Bluetooth Gamepad Specifications:

  • Model: CSY-02
  • Material:ABS
  • Bluetooth: V3.0
  • Wireless distance: 2-10m
  • OS: Android, IOS, PC
  • CPU: ARM968E-S Core
  • Battery: Li-battery 3.7V 180mA
  • Continuous time: About 40h
  • Working current: 0.5-4mA
  • Standby current: 0.5-1mA
  • Charging current: 5V <200mA
  • Shut Down Current: <20uA
  • Color: White
  • Product size: Approx. 7.3 * 3.1 * 1.3cm / 2.9 * 1.2 * 0.5in
  • Product weight: Approx. 16g / 0.6oz
  • Total Package size: 20.0 * 14.5 * 14.5cm / 7.87 * 57 * 5.7in
  • Total Package weight: 621g / 21.90oz

Package List:

  • 1 * Head Mount Plastic Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses
  • 1 * Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Selfie Camera Shutter Gamepad
  • 1 * Cleaning cloth1 * English User manual for 3D Glasses
  • 1 * English / Chinese User Manual for Bluetooth Gamepad


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